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          We are a mailorder nursery specializing in the growing and selling of Hostas, and do not have provisions for on site sales. The Hosta Patch was established in 1989 out of a passion for this distinct and colorful group of plants. We sell over 500 varieties, as you will see from our list.

          Hostas are among the most diverse group of plants for the shady garden. They range in sizes from a mere 2 inches high, to over 3 feet high, and 6 inches wide to over 6 feet wide. The leaves come in a range of sizes and shapes as well. There are lance shaped leaves, heart shaped leaves, and leaves that are nearly round. Some leaves are smooth and shiny. Some are very corrugated. Others are cupped, or turn up along the edges, and still others have undulating or wavy margins. They are hardy in USDA zones 3-9.

          Let's not forget the most stunning feature of Hostas, their colorful foliage. Hosta foliage exhibits almost every color except red. There are of course numerous shades of green, while some leaves are bright gold, and Hostas are among the few plants that exhibit such a wide range of blue foliage. The most notable feature about Hostas are their highly variegated leaves. These patterns come in a wide array of combinations of the above mentioned leaf colors as well as white variegation patterns.

          I hope your cyber-visit to The Hosta Patch is an enjoyable one. Browse the articles I have written for various newsletters, and magazines about the care of Hostas, so your enjoyment of your Hosta garden can be both rewarding and successful. If you are interested in learning more about Hostas, I invite you to visit The American Hosta Society web site, at www.hosta.org .


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