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The Hosta of the Year
Since 1996 the members of the American Hosta Growers Association, have selected a Hosta based on outstanding merits. These Hostas have exceptionally decorative foliage, showy or fragrant flowers, and perform well throughout their hardiness zones 3-9.

The AHGA is an organization for nurseries that specialize in the growing and sale of Hostas. Its purpose is to foster interest in Hostas through marketing and educational programs, disseminate information on cultural practices and pest problems of Hostas , and help standardize Hosta nomenclature.

2014-Abiqua Drinking Gourd (Walden West 1989) Deeply cupped, nearly round, heavily corrugated, blue-green leaves, with a thick substance. Near white flowers on 24'' scapes in late June.

2013-Rainforest Sunrise (J. Anderson 2003) Sport of H. 'Maui Buttercups' with heavy substance, puckered, round gold leaves with green margins. Lavender flowers July.

2012-Liberty, (Machen 2000) Sport of H. 'Sagae' that will become 40" high by 40" wide. Upright growing plant with medium blue-green leaf center, and very wide creamy yellow margins becoming creamy white. Lavender flowers in July.

2011-Praying Hands (G. Williams 1996) will become a 14" high by 16" upright growing mound of intensely folded and rippled dark green leaves 7" long by 2" wide, surrounded by yellow. It flowers in August with lavender flowers on 18'' scapes.

2010-First Frost (R. Solberg 2002) will become a 16" high by 36" mound of intensely blue-green leaves 7" long by 5" wide, surrounded by yellow margins that become white as the season progresses. This sport of the ever popular H. ‘Halcyon’ flowers in July/August with lavender flowers.

2009-Earth Angel (Hans Hansen 2002) will become 16" high by 39" wide, with hearth shaped, blue-green leaves 12" long by 9" wide, surrounded by creamy white margins. Pale lavender flowers arise on 30" scapes in July. This is a sport of H. Blue Angel.

2008-Blue Mouse Ears (E. Deckert 2000). A mature plant can grow to 8" high by 19" wide, with thick substance, nearly round, blue-green leaves 2 1/2" long by 2 1/4" wide. In July the plant is topped with dense clusters of pale purple flowers on scapes that rise to 12".

2007-Paradigm (Walden West 1999) will become 20" high by 46" wide, with corrugated gold leaves 11" long by 9" wide, surrounded by dark green margins. Near white flowers arise on 32" scapes in July-Aug. This is a sport of H. Abiqua Recluse.

2006-Stained Glass (Hansen 1999). A mature plant can grow to 20" high by 45" wide, with heart-shaped leaves 9" long by 7" wide. The leaves are bright yellow with an irregular dark green margin. In August the plant is topped with 3" long fragrant, near-white flowers on scapes that rise to 30". It is a sport that arose from H. Guacamole.

2005 Striptease (Thompson 1991) will grow 20" high by 40" wide. Satiny, dark green leaves have a narrow ivory center approximately 1" wide. There is an irregular white stripe between the ivory center and the wide green margins. Pale violet flowers appear on 24" scales in July. this is a sport of H. 'Gold Standard'.

2004 Sum and Substance (Aden 1998) will grow 36" high by 80" wide. This is a huge mound of chartreuse leaves that can each become 18" long by 14" wide. Site in brighter morning light and the leaves will be a bright golden yellow. In July, lavender flowers appear on scapes 50" high.

2003-H. 'Regal Splendor' (Walters Gardens 1987) grows 32" high and 60" wide. This is a vase shaped mound of heavy substance, 10" long by 7" wide, blue-green leaves, with creamy white margins. Lavender flowers are produced on 60" scapes in August. This is a sport out of 'Krossa Regal'.

2002-H. 'Guacamole' (Solberg 1994) grows 24" high and 54" wide. The 10" long by 81/2" shiny gold heartshaped leaves have irregular narrow green margins. Leaf color becomes a brighter gold with increased light exposure. Fragrant flowers 3" long are produced on 38" scapes in August. This is a 'Fragrant Bouquet' sport.

2001-H. June (Neo Plants 1991) grows 30 wide, and 12 inches high. The gold centered, blue-green margined, heart shaped leaves are 6 inches long, by 4 inches wide. Lavander flowers appear on 20" scapes in August.


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